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30.12.2004 Good news at the end of the year: Bartok´s daughter "Amelina vom Rodenbächlein" has been x-rayed for HD. As all Bartok puppies which have been examined yet, she is "HD-free A1". We are happy about that superb result, and hope Amelina´s siblings will have the same...

Amelina seems to be very happy about her good result ;-)
27.12.2004 Today we got the first pictures of Bartok´s offspring at "Salutaris" (Poland)
As you can see, mom Berta and her ten puppies are in really good shape :-)
22.12.2004 Elaine and John of Pines-Hovawarts in Cambridge (GB) send this lovely Xmas-card of their 5 "Jingle Bells" (Ronja´s new pack):

We wish all our friends merry christmas and a big piece of turkey for their dogs ;-)!
14.12.2004 We took some photos of Ronja today, now here she is:
09.12.2004 Today a new Bartok litter has arrived in Poland: 5 dogs and five bitches were born at "Salutaris" , all of them b/g exept one black male. We congratulate the breeder Marzena Idzkowska to this big litter and wish lots of fun raising the Dwarfbartoks and Minibertas ;-)
05.12.2004 At the "vom Hohen Westerwald"-meeting Johannes Rattay told me he had passed the BH (obedience Test) with the Bartok son "Findus vom Hohen Westerwald" on 30.10.2004. Congratulations, and good luck for your career in SAR!
05.12.2004 As the F-litter "vom Hohen Westerwald" has had superb results concerning their hip x-rays, we had another meeting with those "puppies" (in fact, they are 19 months old ;-) Some pictures of the walk we had with 14 Hovawarts, 2 Whippets and a Münsterländer bitch you´ll find here!

Bartok, Lenny & Mojo with Bartok´s sons Fjordor & Felix
04.12.2004 At the CACIB Kassel Bartok finally got his last CAC. He now fulfills the conditions for the German Championships, which leaves us very proud ;-) His daughter "Dorie vom Sonnigen Gemüt" gave her debut in Puppy Class, where she got a "Very Promising".
29.11.2004 We got a new addition to our pack: the Finnish Hovawart bitch "Ronja" (Hoffen-Haus Inverness) joined us today. She will stay until she is allowed to get to Great Britain, where she is expected at Pines-Hovawarts. My boys are very happy with this female addition, and as far as I can tell Ronja likes it in Germany as well...
22.11.2004 Today I heard from Hanka that Bartok´s daughter Lara (Ashanta vom Rodenbächlein) has passed the BH (an obedience test) at only 14 months of age. Big congratulations to this succesful team!
20.11.2004 We participated at our nearly traditional "Winter-Sighthound-Walk" in Mechernich (16 1/2 people, 23 dogs), here you´ll find more pictures.
05.11.2004 Good news from Poland: the scan said "Berta" (Endi Gosmir) has taken. So let´s keep our fingers crossed for many lovely (black ;-) puppies at "Salutaris"
01.11.2004 We were invited to a puppy-meeting of Bartok´s Litter "vom sonnigen Gemüt". The five puppies we saw have developed into friendly, happy youngsters, which can be seen on the Fotos of that day.

You´ll find some new pictures on the D-Litter-page, too.
09.10.2004 We went to the "German Winner Coursing" in Issum, Mojo got on the 5th place, Lenny at the 12th. Although this were not the results we expected/hoped for, we had a fine day out and the boys enjoyed the chase :-)
More pictures of the coursing can be seen at
Bartok was mated to "Endi Gosmir" from the "Salutaris"-Kennel in Poland. We´ll keep our fingers crossed for many black puppies ;-)

Here you find the pedigree of the expected litter
04.10.2004 Bartok´s breeder Conny Schmelzer send me new pictures of his dam, "Andra vom Amorhof". She´s looking pretty good for her 12 1/2 years, isn´t she?
25.09.2004 We took a short break from our vacation at the North Sea and visited the lure coursing in Ostercappeln. Mojo and Lenny had much fun, but in the end they only got on the 9th (Mojo) and 11th (Lenny) place.
More pictures of the coursing can be seen at
05.09.2004 Bartok got Excellent4 in Open Class (23 dogs) at the Dutch Kampioensclubmatch in Almere and occasionally met his new bride ;-) Some more pictures of the show can be found at
28.08.2004 We went to the SwissCombiTrophy in Lotzwil (CH) for the third time. Mojo got an "Excellent" at the show and became second at the CACIL-Coursing. Lenny started at the CACIL-Coursing, too (it was his first one) and got the 15. place out of 22 competitors. It was quite a hard competition, for in his class the winner got only 6 points more...

Many fotos of this event can be seen at
20.08.2004 During the last few weeks Bartok´s litter "vom Hohen Westerwald" has been x-rayed for HD. Here is the wonderful result: all nine dogs are HD-free A1! Congratulations and thanks to the breeders Ingrid and Manfred Dichanz.
13.08.2004 Family Sindermann send a new photo of Bartok´s daughter Maya ("Duchesse vom sonnigen Gemüt"):

What a big girl!
08.08.2004 Mojo was shown under Olaf Knauber in Donaueschingen and got Excellent2. More than 300 photos of the show can be seen at
07.08.2004 Bartok spend the weekend with his son Felix and showed him many useful things, e.g. what the pond was made for:
31.07.2004 Mojo gets Excellent1, CAC-Res. under swedish judge Ake Cronander at the CAC-Show Hünstetten. Lots of fotos of the Greyhound Speciality in Hünstetten can be seen on
11.07.2004 At the Clubshow in Schweitenkirchen Bartok got Excellent2 under finnish judge Tapio Eerola. About 400 fotos can be viewed at
04.07.2004 Greetings from Switzerland: Bartok´s daughter "Fine vom Hohen Westerwald" visited her brother "Fernet" at the small swiss village Vals. There Fernet helps his owner Peter guarding sheep and cattle. Here you find a report of this sibling-reunion ;-)

As time goes by: on friday the D-puppies "vom sonnigen Gemüt" got their tattoos, now they are leaving home - only Dorie will stay at her mother´s side with family Neuschäffer. Good luck to all the new puppy-owners!

Last fotos of the puppies at 7 weeks can be seen on Bartok´s Offspring-Page
Succesfull day at the CAC Rheinland in Stolberg: Bartok won the Working Class with Excellent1, CAC, his daughter "Fine vom Hohen Westerwald" got Excellent1 in Youth Class, and Fine, Felix & Filou "vom hohen Westerwald" won the Breeders Stakes! More photos of the show can be seen on

Sire Bartok and daughter Fine

Filou, Fine & Felix vom Hohen Westerwald
Due to the growing number of Bartok-kids (and therefore a growing number of pictures ;-), I split his Offspring-Page . Now every litter has its own site.
The D-litter "vom sonnigen Gemüt" is taking part in a study of the Veterinary School of the Justus-Liebig University in Giessen. The aim of this study is to investigate if hip-dysplasia can be diagnosed in puppies at an very early age (4-5 weeks) by using ultrasound. A report of our visit in Giessen can be seen here (in German only).

Duchesse investigating the ultrasound transducer
We went to see Bartok´s litter "vom sonnigen Gemüt" and took new photos . The puppies are growing fast, as you can see in their Gallery on
Last weekend we had some sort of familiy-meeting in Rodenbach: Bartok met his "Ex-wife Beira aus dem Abenteuerland" and his son "Akhiro vom Rodenbächlein" . Of course we took photos, as you can see on Bartok´s Offspring-Page !
Mojo was shown in Gelsenkirchen under Mrs Nordin (S) and got Excellent2. It seems we are booked on the second places this year ;-)
We visited Bartok´s litter"vom sonnigen Gemüt" in order to take some new photos . The puppies have already openend their eyes, and movement is becoming more and more coordinated ;-)
23.05.2004 Mojo and Lennox started at the "Großer Preis von NRW" in Issum, Lenny´s first "official" Coursing. Lenny became fifth and Mojo third in national class.
20.05.2004 As time goes by: Bartok´s litter "vom Hohen Westerwald" had his first birthday today! Big boy Felix had much fun with his present - a rubber duck...
12.05.2004 We went to see Bartoks offspring at the "vom sonnigen Gemüt" kennel and brought back some photos (of course :-) Mother and kids are fine, more pictures you find on Bartok´s Offspring-page...
11.05.2004 Sabine has send some nice pictures of Felix on vacation in Sylt - he is as much a seal as his sire Bartok:
09.05.2004 Good news from Hovawart kennel "vom sonnigen Gemüt": Cara vom Lamershof gave birth to seven brandnew Bartelpups. There are two black boys, two black girls and three black/gold girls. Congratulations to family Neuschäffer and lots of fun with that fine litter!
Bartok and Mojo were shown at the VDH-European-Winner-Show and both got second in their classes. Pictures of the show you find on
02.05.2004 Since today our cats have their own Page!
29.04.2004 Bad news today: the long expected Zita x Bartok-litter was born dead after a caesarian...
25.04.2004 Lenny has finished his coursing training and finally got his coursing license. Now he is allowed to do "officially" what pleases him most ;-)
25.04.2004 Bartok went to his first show this year and got Excellent 2, CAC-Res. & CACIB-Res. at the CACIB Lingen. Fotos of this show can be viewed on
22.04.2004 Because of the fine wheather during the last days we took some new photos. The results can be seen on the picture-pages of Bartok, Lenny and Mojo.
10.04.2004 Mojo has been shown for the first time this year at the Cologne CAC and got an Excellent2 in working class.

Here you find more pictures of the show
09.04.2004 A new familiy member has moved in and already become a friend to my boys: lovely Hedwig, 8 weeks old!
04.04.2004 Today the whole A-litter "vom Rodenbächlein" came to Frankfurt for their first character-test, the NZB. I´ve put new pictures of them on Bartok´s Offspring-page, more pictures of the NZB you find here.
14.03.2004 The F-litter "vom hohen Westerwald" met again for a first character test (NZB) in Gummersbach. This was the first German Bartok litter to be shown, and we are very satified with the results. Here you find a report of the NZB, and new pictures of that litter can be seen on Bartok´s Offspring-page.
Bartok was mated to "Cara vom Lamershof", kennel "vom sonnigen Gemüt". Cara has taken and we are expecting the litter around May, 11th.
07.03.2004 Family Münter has send some fotos of six months old "Akhiro vom Rodenbächlein", Bartok´s only son out of that litter:

27.02.2004 Bartok´s Offspring site has been updated with the pedigrees of all the litters he sired. Click here!
19.02.2004 Bartok was mated to Clubwinner 2003 Ch Zita von Ascona, kennel "vom Illtal". It seems Zita has taken and we are expecting the litter around April, 22nd!

  Here is the pedigree of the expected litter!


Here are two new pictures of Bartok´s son Felix (vom Hohen Westerwald) at 7months. He can´t deny his sire ;-)