Mojo, Lennox, Rufus und Bartok in November 2005

News 2006

30.12.2006 The "Rollmops" - Bartok´s best exercise - was caught on camera for the first time today:
25.12.2006 We got lots of Christmas greetings from all over Europe, here you can see some of them!
"Mountain Dew" Hovawarts & Border Terriers (Holland) and "Hoffen-Haus" Hovawarts from Finnland:
Manfred and Dante from Austria and "vom Störtebeker" Hovawarts (Hamburg) :

Ellen, Gerd & Co as well as Susanne her pets:
"Fritzens"-Deerhounds and Claudia with her nosy Greyhound(s):
"Mysjkin´s" Borzoi & Greyhounds and the "La Brughiera Comasca" Hovawarts from Italy:
Thank you all!
16.12.2006 Today Bartok´s daughter "Debbie vom Sonnigen Gemüt" passed her FPr1 (a basic tracking test) with 94 of 100 points. Congratulations :-)
11.12.2006 The tandem sack: Mojo´s birthday present is large enough for two Whippets (at least ;-):
09.12.2006 Efficient showing: I went to the CACIB show at Genk (Belgium) today with Bartok and Rufus. Rufus got his first CACIB and a CC, Bartok got the CC, CACIB and went BOB. Now that is what I call efficient showing :-)
08.12.2006 Bartok became grandfather for the third time today: his son Akhiro vom Rodenbächlein sired ten b/g puppies (3 dogs, 7 bitches) at the G-litter "vom Krinkelbach". The very busy dam is "Etosha vom Krinkelbach". We send our congratulations and best wishes to the breeder Christel Overbeck!
07.12.2006 It´s Mojo´s sixth birthday today! He got a nice, cosy Whippet sleeping-bag, accompanied me to the office today and got the pizza left-overs from my colleague - what a day!
This cosy sleeping-bag was made by Ute Klees (
29.10.2006 Today was the NZB (young dog test) of Bartok´s last German litter. Amelie, Angie (Aika), Adorno (Amigo), Alwin, Aron and Alwin vom Niederrhein showed nice temperaments and good prey drive - we hope to hear more of some of them next year!
08.10.2006 Bartok becomes Grandpa again: his son Akhiro vom Rodenbächlein was mated to the b/g bitch Etosha vom Krinkelbach. Now we are expecting the G-litter "vom Krinkelbach" around December, 10th.We wish good luck to breeder Christel Overbeck, maybe this time the first blond Bartok-grandchildren will be born?

This is what Bartok´s son Akhiro looks like today!
07.10.2006 Today we had our traditional Sighthound-Winter-Walk, this time in autumn, which gave us a fine sunny day instead of the snow storm of the past years :-)

More nice photos can be found at Susanne´s Website
03.10.2006 Another day at the beach: we decided to spend our bank holiday at Renesse (NL). Even if my car got robbed, the boys had lots of fun:
Many beautiful photos can be found here and here
06.09.2006 Another year has passed: Hanka sends us these pictures of Bartok´s daughter Lara (Ashanta vom Rodenbächlein), who celebrated her third birthday today. Here Lara shows some of her birthday presents - congratulations :-)
26.08.2006 At the CAC show Gelsenkirchen Mojo got Excellent2 today in Working Class, Rufus only got "Very Good1" in Intermediate, as he did not look too good after sufferin from diarrhoea last week....
20.08.2006 Today 8-year-old Bartok won the Champion Class at the Clubmatch Amstetten (Austria). Judge Gisbert Langheim especially emphasized his charisma :-) Bartok´s daughter Afra (Amanda vom Niederrhein) went all the way from Italy and got a "very promising" in puppy class.
   l.t.r..: Asper (I) Ex4, Oskar von der Bildeiche (A) Ex3, Biko van de Bremmerstee (NL) Ex2 & Enzo vom Amorhof (D) Ex1 CACA
30.07.2006 Last week we visited Bartok´s new puppies at Peronnas (F). In spite of the great heat the pups were very agile, fearless and with good preydrive. The new owners will have lots of fun with these dogs, I suppose :-)
More photos can be viewed at the Puppy-Site
29.07.2006 Rufus had his debut in Intermediate Class today at the CAC show Hünstetten and got Excellent 1, Res.CC. Not bad for the start :-)
25.07.2006 Here are new photos of the little "Frenchies", who have to cope with 39°C at the moment:
Main course- dessert - Siesta :-)
24.07.2006 Yesterdy Mojo´s dam Xy (Superfly´s Xy as Ecstasy) had to be put down due to liver cancer. Lovely Xy is the third dog of the Superfly´s X-litter, which died before ten years of age.
23.07.2006 Strategies against summer heat: at these temperatures humans and dogs need to coll down from time to time. To rescue their "mum", even my sighthounds take a bath:
These photos were taken by Susanne
18.07.2006 Today the B-litter des Bois de la Réna is three weeks old. As you can see, the puppies are developing fast now:
17.07.2006 Gill Stockton sends greetings from Shropshire and a new photo of Bartok´s daughter "Halle" - isn´t she cute?
16.07.2006 Today we met several other sighthound owners for a walk. The dogs had much fun, Lenny, Mojo & Rufus especially liked the girls:

Susanne took maaaaany photos, which can be viewed here :-)
27.06.2006 At the French Kennel "des Bois de la Réna" Sham´k gave birth to 10 nice puppies, 6 dogs and 4 bitches. Everything went well and although Sham´k looks a little bit exhausted she is a brilliant mother:
18.06.2006 Four Bartok pups "vom Niederrhein" made their show debut today. At the CAC show Mönchengladbach Amelie, Aika (Angie), Alwin and Aaron vom Niederrhein were shown in puppy class. Amelie, Aika and Aaron got a "very promising", their brother Alwin only got a "not promising" due to his excessive coloration, but a very nice report, too.

At the eft side Amelie, at the right side Aika (Angie)
10.06.2006 At our Whippet Kennel "Koseilata´s" we celebrated our "A-Z Party". Lenny met two of his siblings, and we all had lots of fun:
At the left side Lenny, in the middle his brother Loriot and at the right side their sister Biene - more pictures can be seen here
09.06.2006 Last weekend we went to our annual Hovawart-Workshop at Saalfelden (Austria). Here is the whole story (in German only, sorry!) with many nice photos...
06.06.2006 New photos of the English Berkenbos-puppies:
26.05.2006 Greetings from Italy: Bartok´s little daughter "Afra" (Amanda vom Niederrhein) was shown for the first time and went "Best female puppy" at the annual meeting of the Italian Hovawart Club. Swiss judge Denise Gaudy described her as "excellently developed youngster with much type" and "a baby with best dispostions" :-) Congratulations to Patrizia & Roberto Pozzi!
24.05.2006 Good news from Lyon: Sham´k was scanned today, and at least six puppies were visible. Now we expect the arrival of the B-litter des Bois de la Réna"...
11.05.2006 Two new pictures of Bartok´s b/g Berkenbos offspring:
Tired or just plain bored?
And two of the black boys
05.05.2006 Success at the VDH Europasieger-Zuchtschau in Dortmund: Rufus became "European Youth Winner" and YouthBOB :-)
03.05.2006 After the snow is finally gone even in Switzerland, "Amigo" (Adorno vom Niederrhein) enjoys some gardening:
We have been visited by a nice French girl, and Bartok was mated to "Sham´k du Clos Chalandre". Breeder Brigitte Pauget now hopes for black and b/g puppies with good working abilities and fine conformation. We will keep our fingers crossed for a healthy summer litter! To learn more about Sham´k, visit the kennel website of des Bois de la Réna"...
22.04.2006 Today 9 new Bartok kids arrived in England: "Charis" (Annvad Celeste Lady) gave birth to 4 black boys, three black and two b/g girls. Congratulations to proud breeder Gill Stockton - we wish you lots of fun with the "Berkenbos" C-litter!
19.04.2006 Heinz-Peter sent some new photos of "little" Aika (Angie vom Niederrhein):
01.04.2006 Today Jürgen has passed the BH with Bartok´s son "Felix vom Hohen Westerwald". Congratulation to that hard-working team!
31.03.2006 Another Dutch "Superhond": Bartok´s son Björnar :-)
30.03.2006 It was already one year ago when 10 little Laila- and Bartok-kids arrived in the Netherlands. They all met again at the "Jonge Honde Dag" last Sunday in Zeewolde. All dogs are very friendly and self-confident, and all owners are absolutely happy with their pups. Tina & Dick Stol write: "We enjoy life with Bas to the full and cannot imagine him not being here."

Happy birthday :-)
26.03.2006 A day at the beach: After the stress at the CACIB Luxembourg we went to Zeewolde beach the next day for some relaxation. Here you can find more photos.
26.03.2006 Bartok´s children "Henry" (Duke vom Sonnigen Gemüt) and "Maya" (Duchesse vom Sonnigen Gemüt) have passed their "Jugendbeurteilung" (JB) at Frankfurt this weekend. Congratulations to the happy owners Elke & Heinz!
25.03.2006 We finally did it: today Bartok AND Rufus got qualified for Crufts next year at the CACIB Luxembourg. Bartok went BOB under Swedish judge Maritha Östlund-Holmsten, and as he was shown in Champion class, he can also call himself "Luxembourg Champion". Rufus got Excellent 1 in Junior Class and was titled "Luxembourg Youth Champion". Now, that is what I call effective showing - two dogs entered, two new Champions and two Crufts qualifications ;-)
21.03.2006 Good news from England: Charis (Annvad Celeste Lady) was scanned and they counted 7 or 8 puppies :-) She is eating for 22 now, so far she has stolen a paket of biscuits, a cabbage, more grapes and the fish for Grandma´s dinner. Just from this menu I would have guessed she was pregnant....
12.03.2006 Junior Handling: My neighbour´s daughter Amelie helped me today with photographing my boys:
11.03.2006 Greetings from Karlsruhe: Pepper (Anastasia vom Niederrhein) has grown a lot and is nearly as big as her Labrador boyfriend "Zappa":
10.03.2006 Afra (Amanda) has settled in fine with "La Brughiera Comasca"-girls:
Amie,Cora, Sheva & Afra
09.03.2006 Last saturday five of the fifteen-week-old Bartok puppies met at puppy class: Amelie, Alwin, Arik, Angie (Aika) and Aaron:
05.03.2006 Who is guarding who? Bartok´s little daughter Amelie vom Niederrhein now lives in Tönisvorst, where her new owners Astrid & Rudy breed Lamas and Alpakas. One pregnant mare seems to develop maternal feeling for the b/g fur ball :-) In addition Amelie goes to puppy class twice a week and cheers up the inhabitants of the retirement home where Astrid works. Isn´t this the hard life of a working dog!?!
31.02.2006 All ten puppies of the G-litter "vom Hohen Westerwald" are gone - all but one: Bartok`s grandson "Gustl vom Hohen Westerwald" stays with Grandma Yuma, Mom Fine and of course the breeders Ingrid and Manfred Dichanz. We wish lots of fun with this sweet boy :-)
22.02.2006 Today I got some new pictures of three Bartok puppies from his last litter. Here some impressions of Amigo (Adorno vom Niederrhein):

This is Aika (Angie vom Niederrhein) with three months:

...and this is what sister Afra (Amanda vom Niederrhein) looks like now:
We had visitors from Great Britain and Bartok used the opportunity to send some Bartok-dwarfs to good old England via his new girlfriend Charis (Annvad Celeste Lady) ;-) Now we keep our fingers crossed for a big and healthy litter at Berkenbos Hovawarts (Gill und Jim Stockton)! Here you will find the pedigree of the expected litter.
13.02.2006 Today I got a recent photo of Bartok´s son "Akhiro vom Rodenbächlein". He has developed quite well and will be offered at stud for suitable bitches...
11.02.2006 At the CAC-Show Rheinberg Rufus got Excellent1 in Youth Class and became "Landesjugendsieger", "Rheinland-Jugendsieger" and Youth-BOB. A fine start :-)
02.02.2006 For tuning her Website Kerstin sent us a new coat for Mojo and a cool collar for Lenny - thank you!
29.01.2006 And little sister (Anastasia) has already found new friends:
28.01.2006 Little Afra (Amanda vom Niederrhein) discoveres the "real winter" in Italy:
26.01.2006 And now the first photos of the puppies arrive. Amigo (Adorno vom Niederrhein) lives like a little prince in Switzerland:
22.01.2006 This weekend the "vom Niederrhein" puppies all moved to their new homes. Angie (Aika), Aaron, Alwin and Amelie stayed near to us, Anastasia (Pepper) lives with Dachshound breeders near Karlsruhe, Amanda (Afra) went to La Brughiera Comasca Hovawarts in Northern Italy and Adorno (Amigo) moved to Switzerland. We wish thema all good luck!
13.01.2006 Assorted puppies:
The daily weighing routine:

Mum Fine checks if all of them get back alright:

Latest news about Bartok´s grandchildren always at the vom Hohen Westerwald homepage!
10.01.2006 He cannot deny his sire: Bartok´s son Henry (Duke vom Sonnigen Gemüt). Only his ears definetely came from his dam´s side :-)

Thanks to Elke for that lovely picture
03.01.2006 We visited the Bloxi/Bartok puppies again, who are changing into real dogs now...New puppy pics can be found at their Puppy Page, news about this litter as usuals at Bloxi`s Blog!