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27.12.2005 Yesterday Bartok became Grandfather at the tender age of 7,5 years ;-) His daughter "Fine vom Hohen Westerwald" gave birth to 10 healthy puppies, 4 boys (1b, 3 b/g) and six girls (3b, 3 b/g).Here are the first pictures of the G-litter vom Hohen Westerwald:
26.12.2005 We got lots of Christmas greetings from all over Europe, here you can see some of them!
The "Pyramidenhovis" from Austria and the "Hoffen-Haus" Hovawarts from Finland:

"Mountain Dew" Hovawarts& Border Terriers (Netherlans) and the "la Brughiera Comasca" Hovis (Italy):

Whippetgirl Whitney & friends:

Susanne´s little zoo and the "Hound Station" from Munich:

"Mysjkin“s" Borzois & Greyhounds and "Another Story" Greyhounds from Schweden:

Thank you all!
A very merry Christmas to all our friends!
23.12.2005 From Poland we got this lovely pictures of the "Salutaris"-Crew:

Left: Bartok“s daughter "Irma Salutaris", Middle: her dam "Endi Gosmir" Right: "Rejkin Chatka Zielarki"
20.12.2005 The A-litter "vom Niederrhein" keeps on developing well. They had their first "day out", and some portraits were taken. You will find them at the Puppy Page.
18.12.2005 New HD-results: like their sister Dorie Dina and Duke ("Henry") "vom sonnigen Gemüt" are HD A1. Now we are hoping for more results of that kind :-)
07.12.2005 Today we visited Lenny´s half-siblings at Koseilata´s Whippets. Mojo enjoyed meeting many nice girls on his 5th birthday, Rufus had some problems escaping the "bonsai-piranhas" and I fell in love with little "Tano" (Koseilata´s Zulu Dancer). But luckily he has already found his new parents ;-)
04.12.2005 I got informed that the HD-result of Bartok´s daughter "Dorie vom Sonnigen Gemüt" just arrived: Dorie is HD A1 :-) Now this step towards breeding has been taken, congratulations to "Junior Breeder" Michèle!
03.12.2005 Just in time we managed to produce the Hovawart calendar 2006. If there will be enough inquiries, I might produce one with the quotes in English. Please click on the picture to see a preview:

The price is 18,- Euro incl. shipping in Europe, orders via E-Mail to
01.12.2005 Bloxi´s and Bartok´s puppies from the A-litter "vom Niederrhein" are growing fast. The question is: who is more exhausted, the dam or the breeder?

News about the A-litter "vom Niederrhein" frequently updated at Bloxis Blog!
27.11.2005 Same procedure as every year: we attended the traditional sighthound meeting at Mechernich. Here you will find more pictures of the walk.
24.11.2005 Sad news from Great Britain: Elaine & John informed me that they had to put Ronja down according to her aggressive behavior towards her human pack members. They did not take the decision easy, bit it seems this was the only way to go. I hope Ronja will find the peace she did not have during her lifetime...
22.11.2005 Big surprise: Bloxi´s puppies arrived two days too early, and they were more than we expected. There are four boys (3 b/g & 1 black) and four girls (3 black & 1 b/g). All including the proud mom are in best conditions, as can be seen at the first photos:
19.11.2005 At the CAC Show held by the Belgian Sighthound Club at Kortrijk Rufus got Very Good1 in Youth Class, Mojo was rated Excellent1 in Working Class.
They cannot deny they are brothers Rufus (left) and Zorro (right):
Zorro (Wenonah Prometheus) lives in Sweden with the Mysjkin´s Greyhounds
08.11.2005 Where is Achilles hiding?
05.11.2005 Bartok´s son "Akhiro vom Rodenbächlein" passed his AD (endurance test) at the "hovawart-Freunde Rhein-Main e.V.". Congratulations to Carsten and Akhiro :-)
01.11.2005 Bartok and Bloxi watch out for the stork:

Three more weeks to go...
30.10.2005 Sad news from England: Anne Gilpin wrote me that Rufus´ grandmother "Hooley" (Qattara Morning Star at Wenonah) had a stroke on Thursday and was put to sleep Friday. I met Hooley during our visit in April, and I was impressed by her funny and youthful character. Fortunately she passed on these traits to her offspring...

Hooley at 11,5 years
29.10.2005 Mail from the Netherlands: yesterday I found a photo of Bartok`s son "Bas" in my mailbox. "Bas" os out of Laila van de Toverbergh, he is 6 1/2 old and looks very promising. His owners Dick and Tina Stol love him to bits and he is a great open and friendly charmer! And here comes Bas:
28.10.2005 England vs. Marokko: Rufus´ Sloughi-friend Mayssa is visiting us over the weekend. They have lots of fun together:
28.10.2005 Bartok becomes Grandpa :-) Today his daughter "Fine vom Hohen Westerwald" was mated to "Apollo von Hathor". We will keep our fingers crossed for many Bartok-grandchildren at the "vom Hohen Westerwald" kennel!
21.10.2005 Now we know for sure Bloxi has taken and there will be Hovawart puppies at the "vom Niederrhein" kennel! She was scanned today, and at least 3 puppies were visible at once. Around November, 22nd we will see how many more puppies were hidden...
20.10.2005 Mimikry in black-white-red: yesterday I spend some time playing with a digital camera, here are some results:
Left: Mojo with kitten, right: Rufus & Lennox
16.10.2005 Mail from Amorbach: I received an e-mail of Bartok´s breeder Conny Schmelzer. She told me that Bartok´s dam Andra is as happy and healthy as ever at 13,5 years of age. And now she has little companion: the cute blond "Anni von der Klatschmohnwiese". I like the thought that there will be a new brood bitch at the "vom Amorhof" kennel, as I would always buy another Hovawart puppy there ;-)
16.10.2005 Today we met some other sighthounds for a sunday-afternoon walk: 3 Whippets, 2 Galgos and one Chortaj (a rare russian sighthound breed). While Lenny & Mojo enjoyed the company of the spanish girls, Rufus had lots of fun with the russian youngster Chubais. You will find some pictures in Chubais` Blog
09.10.2005 Bartok´s daughter Dorie vom Sonnigen Gemüt has passed her BH (obedience test). Congratulations to this young team!
08.10.2005 As the second one of Bartok´s offspring Akhiro vom Rodenbächlein has passed the ZTP at only 25 months. We are very proud about him and hope for many lovely grandchildren ;-) Congrats to his busy owner Carsten Münker!
18.09.2005 At the LCO Coursing in Cologne today only Lenny was entered - the National Class had been closed already, when I send the entry forms. Unfortunately Lenny lost the lure in the first run for a short while, therefore he got on the 5th place in the end. But I was allowed to race Mojo in the second run as one dog had failed in the first run, so that I could take two satisfied boys home again ; -)
Sabine and Juergen send this nice picture of the unfortunate Felix - Bartok´s son had rolled in something not worth near defining and needed his first real bath:

Always new photos on Felix“Homepage
11.09.2005 We spent the weekend in Munich and met many old and new sighthound friends in the English Garden. The boys really had fun, particularly Rufus, who enjoyed raving around with his Greyhound-friend Mika again. You will find some photos of this walk on Rufus´ side
10.09.2005 " Fine vom Hohen Westerwald" has passed the last test in order to get her breeding permission (ZTP) as the first of Bartok´s offspring. If everything works out alright, there will be sweet fluffy puppies again next spring at the "vom Hohen Westerwald" kennel. Congratulations and good luck!

Breeder Manfred Dichanz with Fine (left) and her dam Yuma (right)
10.09.2005 Owning mote than one dog, one can do beahaviour studies in the own living room - as you can see by the example of Lenny and Rufus:
Rufus decides to have some fun with Lenny: "Come ooon, let“s play!!!"
Lenny: "Wargs - leave me alone, Red Kangaroo!"
Rufus: "Hmpf, was not meant like that - no need to get nasty at all!"

"Silly Whippets! And again it is sooo boooring...."
04.09.2005 Family day: we went to the first Hovawart show organized by the two German clubs HZD and RZV together. Bartok got "Execellent 3" out of seven dogs in champion class, we were very pleased with that result! Bartok´s daughters Dorie and Duchesse (Maya) vom Sonnigen Gemüt both got "very good" in youth class, so did Bartok´s son "Akhiro vom Rodenbächlein" in special yearling class.

Maya, Bartok & Dorie
01.09.2005 Now Rufus has got his own site, too - and I added some Greyhound-pages to my linklist!
25.08.2005 Bartok´s son Felix follows his sire and has now his own homepage (in German only):
30.07.2005 Rufus had his show debut at the CAC Hünstetten. He behaved unexpectedly well and got a "very promising" in Puppy Class under Italian judge Dr. Pialorsi-Falsina :-)

Foto by Claudia Hoppe
04.07.2005 To my big surprise Rufus is very fond of water in all forms - he even likes to swim:
02.07.2005 I took some photos of Bartok´s son "Felix vom Hohen Westerwald". At the age of 2 years he looks more and more like his sire:
29.05.2005 On a hot summer´s day Lenny and Mojo weren´t too engaged at lure coursing: at the International Coursing Issum they only got the second last places in their classes...
07.05.2005 Coursing season has begun! Under quite moderate circumstances Lenny and Mojo had their first lure coursing competition at Frankfurt this weekend. Storm and strong rain made a second heat impossible, nevertheless Mojo became 2nd (out of 8) in National Class and Lenny sixth (out of 15) in normal class.

Photos: E. Mammen
01.05.2005 In order not to suffer from boredom after Ronja left us, we brought this four-legged "Souvenir" from good old England:

This is "Rufus" (Wenonah Koronis), a four months old greyhound puppy. Many thanks to Anne Gilpin for giving us that gorgeous boy! He will get his own page, soon :-)
01.05.2005 Back from England we brought this lovely picture, which shows how well Ronja fits into that range of black & gold beauties:

Good luck, Ronja!
26.04.2005 Time to good-bye: half a year has passed by, and Ronja is ready to leave for her final destination - the Pines Kennel near Cambridge, owned by Elaine Betts and John Sharpe. Here are two last photos with my boys:
23.04.2005 Only one week later Akhiro´s half-siblings Fine, Felix, Filou & Fjordor "vom Hohen Westerwald" achieved their JB-certificate, too.
More pictures of the test you will find here (in German only)
17.04.2005 Akhiro is the first Bartok-puppy "vom Rodenbächlein" to pass his "Jugendbeurteilung - JB" (young dog character test). His owner Carsten is very proud and will try for the ZTP (adult charakter test for breeding permission) in autumn. Congratulations!
07.04.2005 I am always glad to hear how Bartok´s offspring is doing. Fortunately many of them live not too far away so I can see them sometimes. A great pleasure gave me the mail I received from Tracy Powell, owner of Bartok´s son "Oska" (Kynyaf Khufu):
We live in courchevel in the winter in the Three Valleys ski area and during the summer we live near Lyon in a house in the country, we also go to North Wales for a couple of months a year, so Oska is never far a way from water although for six months of the year its frozen!! He is a great dog with loads of character and personality. A lot of people stop us to say what a handsome dog he is and how happy he looks, then they ask what he is and they have never heard of one. I'm sure they think I've made it up!!!!
And that“s what "Happy Oska" looks like:
02.04.2005 Laila van de Toverbergh delivered 10 healthy new Bartok puppies on March, 30th in the Netherlands. There are two black boys, one b/g boy, 4 black girls and three b/g girls. Congratulations to familiy Hoogewerf and of course to Laila who is expecting busy times...

Here you´ll find the pedigree of this litter
17.03.2005 Good news from Poland: all puppies of the "Salutaris" I-litter have found new families, one b/g bitch (Indra) will stay with her mum at the Salutaris kennel :-)
09.03.2005 That´s what Bartok´s Championship certificate looks like:
Now he can call himself "German Champion (RZV)"
04.03.2005 More good news of Bartok´s "Rodenbächlein" offspring: Ailana, Anthea ("Thora") and their brother Akhiro vom Rodenbächlein have been rated HD-free A1, too. Now we are waiting for only two more results...
02.03.2005 We received a mail from Holland telling us Bartok´s short liason with Laila van de Toverbergh will lead to consequences ;-) Now we are looking forward to the birth of many German-Dutch furkids around March, 30th...
23.02.2005 Elke send us some pictures of Bartok´s daughters Maya and Sina (Duchesse & Dina vom sonnigen Gemüt) after a walk in the mud. It is the right weather for two youthful "Dirtwarts", but their humans would have liked snow better...
05.02.2005 More pictures from Poland: next weekend the first puppies of the Salutaris I-litter will be leaving home! Some of these friendly b/g puppies are still looking for a new Hovawart-suitable home, if you are interested please feel free to drop me a line - more infos about the available pups here
04.02.2005 Yesterday we got informed that the HD-results of Bartok´s daughters Aica (Anjana vom Rodenbächlein) and Milla (Aminah vom Rodenbächlein) just arrived: like their sister Amelina they are HD A1 :-)
27.+ 28.02.2005 Bartok was mated to the b/g bitch "Laila van de Toverbergh". We will keep our fingers crossed for a happy and healthy first litter for familiy Hoogewerf in the Netherlands!

Here you find the pedigree of the expected litter
20.01.2005 New pictures from Poland: the "Salutaris" I-litter keeps growing and growing...

No more room at the milk-bar ;-)
10.01.2005 Family Hannemann sent us a delayed Xmas present: they took a lot of photos of their Bartok son "Donner vom Sonnigen Gemüt" and made a whole calendar of it. So we have a new Donner picture every month - what a nice idea! Now we are looking forward to meeting Donner again in "real live"...