Wenonah Koronis "Rufus"

VDH European Youth Winner 2006, Lux. Youth-Champion, Landesjugendsieger Rheinland 2006

Hooked to the "sighthound-virus" by owning Whippets, I thought about getting a larger specimen of that group for some time: a Greyhound. A friend told me she saw two very promising Greyhound litters during her visit to Cruft´s at Anne Gilpin´s Wenonah kennel. She sent me photos, pedigrees and lots of informations about the puppies - these dogs matched exactly the type of Greyhound I was dreaming of. By chance I had to visit Great Britain in order to "deliver" our Hovawart guest Ronja to Pines Kennel, by chance this was not far away from Anne´s home, and by chance both breeders knew each other - it became obvious that I would not leave England un-greyhounded ;-) Looking at the pictures I chose one of the red boys, which Anne prepared for the journey. I could have chosen any other puppy during our visit at Wenonah, but "Rufus" was my boy from the very first moment. He took his place in our pack as if he had been alway there. Nosily and happily he roams his world, and he found a good friend in little Lenny. As soon as his registration with the German Sighthound Club is finished, he will be taking the first steps in the show ring. But at the moment all he has to do is to enjoy his puppyhood - and this means very much fun for all of us!