Mojo,Lennox, Rufus und Bartok in November 2005


17.03.2008 Just arrived: in the night Amy gave birth to the A-litter "vom Schliemannweg"oviously there was not enough space for 9 puppies inside of her anymore :-) There are 5 b/g bitches, 2 black bitches and 2 black boys - as ordered! Congratulations to the happy breeder Ina Jeske!
16.03.2008 Great expectations: Just a few days to go, then the A-litter "vom Schliemannweg" will be ready for take-off ;-) Are there really only seven puppies inside of Amy?
11.03.2008 Five weeks : Now the kittens start looking like real cats and begin to conquer the world.Therefor it is time for new pics on the Kitten-page!
Learning a foreign language is an important part of the education...
09.03.2008 Greyhounds at Crufts: Today I returned to Crufts "dog-less" in order to see the judging of the Greyhounds. Results and photos can be found at the "Greyhound Show".

BOB "Sobers Hamilton" commenting on Crufts 2008 :-)
08.03.2008 Success at Crufts Dogshow: I went to Birmingham today to show Bartok at Crufts. To my great pleasure he went Best Oppsite Sex out of Vetern Classunder Judge Gill Stockton. BOB went to a sweet blonde from Scotland: "Annvad Daimys Princess".
Bartok in the showring (left and middle) and doing his make-up a day before the show :-)
02.03.2008 New project: My new Blogg "The Greyhound Show" is dedicated to the Show-Greyhound. We need the urgent desire to show the world how special these dogs are: elegant, friendly, sporty and with a somewhat peculiar sense of humour!
21.02.2008 New Kitten pics: As the seven dwarfs opened their eyes a few days ago, it is time for their own page. Enjoy the photos!
05.02.2008 New kittens: this morning Anjuli gave birth to a litter of seven healthy and colourful kittens. Now we are looking forward to seeing their real colours...
03.02.2008 New pictures: I got my hands on a decent camera again and of course I had test it extensively:
24.01.2008 New grandchildren: In the night, Bartok´s daughter "Fine vom Hohen Westerwald" whelped eight healthy and hungry puppies. Six girls (3 black / 3 b/g) and one black as well as one b/ boys. Congratulations to Ingrid and Manfred Dichanz - enjoy your H-litter "vom Hohen Westerwald"!
16.01.2008 Today Bartok was mated to "Amy vom Papenhof", kennel "vom Schliemannweg". Now we hope for many healthy easter eggs in black and black/gold!
09.01.2008 (C)old Boy: Bartok let me portray him in the snow with decreasing enthusiasm...
...and a new foto story about Rufus dancing the snow waltz with his girlfriend Banja can be seen here!
06.01.2008 Grandchildren: We are expecting the H-litter at the "vom Hohen Westerwald" kennel. Dam: Bartok´s daughter "Fine vom Hohen Westerwald" (HD A1, BH, FPr3, FH1, heart check) sire: "Gentleman Jack vom Teckenhahn" (HD A1, BH). On the scan, eight puppies could be seen, we will know the number for sure at the end of january ;-)
11.12.2007 Winter holiday: We went to Saalfelden again for a week and had lots of snow, sun and really freezing temperatures. We met many old and new doggy friends and just had a really good time:
01.01.2008 Birthday: Today is Rufus´ third birthday and he looks a little bit awkward because of his present!
This pretty coat was made by Ute Klees!
01.01.2008 A happy new year 2008 to all our friends!

Mojo, Lenny, Bartok and Rufus