Large Homepage with many informations about Whippets
Homepage of Mojo`s breeder Marianne Bunyan, Kennel "Superfly´s"
Homepage of the Whippet-Kennel "Delirious" owned by Katja & Han Brom. Home of Mojo`s sire
Homepage of the Whippet-Kennel "Bohem" owned by Bo Bengtson, breeder of Mojo´s sire,
Homepage of Lennox´ breeder Holger Bunyan, Kennel "Koseilata´s"
Homepage of the three Whippet-Ladies Faye, Yana and Luna (Lennox` sister) 
Homepage of the two Whippets Thriller & Feivel
Homepage of Mojo´s Whippetfriend Zauberfee
Homepage of the Whippet-Lady Whitney & her friend Alice
Community for Whippetfans


Homepage of Rufus´ breeders Anne & Daphne Gilpin, Kennel "Wenonah" (GB)
Homepage of Barbara Kessler & Dominik Rudolph about their "Houndstation" (Germany)
Homepage of the Deerhound & Greyhound Kennel "Fritzen´s" owned by Björn Fritz & Klaus Krüger (Germany)
Homepage of the Greyhound-Kennel "Another Story" owned by Yvonne Karlsson (Sweden)
Homepage of the Greyhound-Kennel "Mysjkin´s" owned by Ulrika Lindström (Sweden)
Here lives Rufus´ brother "Zorro"
Homepage of the Greyhound-Kennel "of Aaron´s Rod" owned by Sylke Sattler (Germany)
Homepage of the Greyhound-Kennel "Happy Hunters" owned by the Knauber family (Germany)
Homepage of the Greyhound-Kennel "Straight Ahead" owned by family Guth (Germany)
Homepage of the Greyhound-Kennel "Katatjuta´s" owned by the Dr. Barbara Koller (Austria)
Christina Reishofer´s Greyhound-Homepage (Austria)


Rassezuchtverein für Hovawart-Hunde e.V. Loads of informations about Hovawarts Here you find a new german Hovawart-Forum
Homepage of the HGS-Nürnberg
Homepage of the Hovawart-Kennel "Vom Sonnenschein" owned by Christa Wendland. First and only RZV-Kennel in the USA
Homepage of the english Hovawart-kennel "Pines" owned by Elaine Betts and John Sharpe
Homepage the finnish Hovawart-kennel "Hoffen-Haus" owned by Anita Virtanen
Homepage of the Hovawart-Kennel "Van de Romerweide" owned by Carla deJong (Netherlands). Bartok´s first offspring was born here!
Homepage of the Hovawart-Kennel "Salutaris" owned by Marzena Idzkowska (Poland). Here Bartok sired the I-litter, born December 2004
Homepage of the Hovawart-Kennel "Vom Hohen Westerwald" owned by Ingrid and Manfred Dichanz. Here Bartok sired the F-litter in 2003
Homepage of the Hovawart-Zwingers "Von Knosteren" owned by Christiane and Ludger Klems. Here Bartok sired the E-litter in 2003
Homepage of the Hovawart-Kennel "Vom Sonnigen Gemüt" owned by Petra and André Neuschäffer. Here Bartok sired the D-litter in 2004
Homepage of the Hovawart-Kennel "Vom Niederrhein" owned by Claudia Senes & Michael Tischer. Here Bartok sired the A-litter in 2005
Homepage of the Hovawart-Kennel "An der Aich" owneed by Annette & Harald Fröschle. Here lives Bartok´s half-brother "Don vom Amorhof"
Homepage of the Hovawart-Kennel "Vom Tyrolsberg" owned by Renate Schreiner
Homepage of the Hovawart-Kennel "Von Winand" owned by Claudia Stenger
Homepage of the Hovawart-Male "Cooper ex Canis Lupus" owned by Antje Engel
Homepage of the Hovawart Little with a huge report about his Scottland-Odyssey 
Homepage of the scottish Hovawart Kennel "Minches" owned by Mrs Min Inches. Huge Hovawart-link-collection and many informations about the breed 

Other breeds:
Homepage of the Rottweiler-Kennel "Vom Schwingbach" owned by Ralf Paul
Dialog Dogschool: Homepage of Anneke Krems´ Dog(owner)school Large homepage with many informations about all sighthounds
Molosserworld: Huge homepage with loads of informations about all molossoid breeds 

Homepage owned by Tobias Eisenberg with many informations about frogs, reptiles and herpeto-medicine
Seidenportal: Susanne Illich´s Gallery of silk-paintings (eg. some very nice dog portraits ;-)
RaCo Consult Sabine Huntebrinker