Assia vom Bannemer Huck "Fenja"

Fenja was my first dog, my parents gave her to me as a present for my 16th birthday. Together we made the first steps towards dog sport, she passed the AD (endurance test) and two times the BH (Obedience test). After that we did some Agility, "Breitensport" and tracking just for fun.For protection work as well as breeding purposes she was not suitable because of her lack of mental stability. When I finished school, Fenja accompagnied me to university where she proved to be an easy-to-handle fellow occupant. She spent her last three years as "Sofawart" at my parentīs home. She was a lovable, greedy (!) Hovi, enduring and persistent at work, who knew very well how to take advantage of a situation. Thanks to Fenja (and her friends, especially Sam and Berry) I learnt much about canine beahaviour and canine training. Sadly, in autumn 2001 I had to put her to sleep due to her illness (Degenerative Myelopathie).