Enzo vom Amorhof "Bartok"

Dt.Ch. BH AD VPG1 FH1 ZTP HD-Frei A1 PRA/Cataract free

Bartok is my second dog, I got him in september 1998 from his breeders C. & K. Schmelzer in Amorbach. Soon he developed into a real student´s dog, barbecues and afternoons at the bathing lake are still his favourite occupations. Bartok is quite a sunshine (in spite of beeing black like a raven!), he´s always in a dazzling mood and would like to make a 5 hour hike every day. He´s very kind towards humans and social around other dogs, therefore I´m able to let him run off-leash nearly everywhere. I train him in tracking, obedience and protection, he does everything with the same enthusiasm. At the age of 15 months he passed the BH (obedience test), in the meantime he has earned a Schutzhund (VPG1) and tracking (FH1) title, too. Bartok is quite successful in the showring, and licensed stud dog at the RZV für Hovawarthunde (german breed club). Until now, Bartok has sired 7 litters, and his offspring (living in Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and the UK) looks quite promising. For 2005 we are planning one or two more litters. By the way: a picture of Bartok and one of his dutch son have been published in Susanne Kerl´s new book "Hovawart- Das große Rassehandbuch" ;-)