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CRUFTS 2019 – The girls!

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Und hier die Damen:

Veteran Bitch:

1 – Sobers Orianne (Showline Sporting trophy at Sobers – Sobers Hester)

2 – Breakaday Forbidden Love (Eye On The Veto – Breakaday Swift)

abs – Boughton Bellina (Epic Generous – Hyperion Summer in Paris with Mistweave)

Puppy Bitch:

1 – Inchydoney Memories Oh My God with Caryna (Windspiel Northern Scribe for Alouann – Airy Elf’s Made For Love)

Junior Bitch:

1 – Ina’s Fashion Deluxe (Sobers Amadeus Karkati – Ina’s Fashion Bright)

2 – Ina’s Fashion Design by Boughton (Sobers Amadeus Karkati – Ina’s Fashion Bright)

Post Graduate Bitch:

1 – Skyswift Moonlite Serenade (Boughton Brigadier – Mistweave Miss Giggles toward Skyswift)

2 – Royal Bunnycatcher’s Aphrodite (Mistweave Mister Cool – Impair et Passe ad Honores)

3 – Ooaar Nicolar at Muicks (Aero Adiles – Assarula Nicola)

Limit Bitch:

1 ResCC – Ina’s Fashion Desirable (Sobers Amadeus Karkati – Ina’s Fashion Bright)

2 – Boughton Bizzarini at Azrams (Mistweave My Brave Wallace – Boughton Balanchine)

3 – Zoraden My Girl at Chosovi (Boughton Brigadier – Mistweave Miss Sunshine at Zoraden)

Res – Sobers Aurelia Karkati (Karkatis Cesare – Sobers Orianne)

VHC – Eurydike Decuma (Sobers Vagabond – Estet Classic Rubina at Decuma)

abs – Jet’s The Way U Look Tonight (Salgrey’s Garnet – Jet’s Just Thake Me Home Tonight)

Open Bitch:

1 CC BOB – Sobers Xtravaganza (Salgrey’s Bartholomew – Sobers Portia Grandcru)

2 – Boughton Back To Blighty (grandcru Newton – Bellezza di Boughton)

3 – Boughton Balanchine (Boughton Baggio – Bellezza di Boughton)

Res – Inchydoney Memories Nature Joyeuse (Grandcru Newton – Airy Elf’s Made For Love)

VHC – Estet Classic Romance (Sobers Patriot Grandcru at Estet Classic – Estet Classic Glamorous)

unpl – Impair Et Passe ad Honores (Windrock Fernando – De ad Honores des Legendes du Moyen Age)

unpl – Pineron Pattyetetclassic at Hallimans (Estet Classic Christmas Gift Decuma – Epic Honest)

abs – Boughton Balenciaga (Boughton Bold And Brave at Dawnchase – Boughton Bellina)

Special Racing/Lure Coursing Bitch:

1 – Bubbly Diva (Shaneboy Lee – Droopys June)

2 – Slippery Louise of Adachi (Brett Lee – Kildallon Maid)

3 – Special Release (Hondo Black – Special Liberty)

Res – Ooaar Nicolar at Muicks (Aero Adiles – Assarula Nicola)

VHC – Special Milli (Hondo Black – Special Liberty)

unpl – Moors Maranda (Coolavanny Bert – Stay With Me)

unpl – Cheerful Pam at Wickwar (Rapid River – Bakers Moorecool)

unpl – Huarache Mags (Laughil Blake – Rathanny Ruth) leider kein Foto

unpl – Breakaday Forbidden Love

abs – Katy Ballerina (Makeshift – Barley Bussell)

Fotos: Janet Ganzeveld



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