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Nachlese zur Greyhound Club Championship Show (GB)

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Am 16.06.2012 fand in England die Championship Show des Greyhound Club statt. Freundlicherweise stellte uns der Richter Gilberto Grandi („della Caveja“, Italien) seinen Bericht von dieser Ausstellung zur Verfügung.
BOB Showline Sporting Step & BOS Azrams Secret Mission

Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

I enjoyed a lot my most important judging appointment. Great honour being invited to do the Greyhound Club of Great Britain Championship Show. After thirty-five years in the breed, it was great meeting old friends and many new people. Thanks to all of you.
The atmosphere was very friendly and we were in a nice hall with ideal floor at Tomlinsons Kennels, Leicestershire.
I had several good ones. I would say that all the heads were really good with typical expressions and lovely chiselling. Size was good without being too big and heavy. Generally speaking, I would have preferred more forechest and more arch over the loin, particularly when moving and mainly in dogs. Also more drive behind in some cases, probably due to a slightly too steep croup. Please be careful about that, because it can spoil the overall picture and affect movement. It was true pleasure watching my BOB and BOS moving together around the ring.

PD (2): 1 Rhodes’ Jaystown Rising Light, rather nervous today, but he must be trained to the show ring, excellent head, nice eyes and expression, muscular yet elegant neck, correctly angulated both ends, right length of body, excellent bone, he must really learn how to show himself. Very promising.
BP 2 Battley & Barber’s Estet Classic Broadway, masculine yet elegant head, very well chiselled, strong elegant neck, front needs time to settle down, well angulated behind, at present I would prefer him a bit longer in body, shows himself very well.

YD (1): 1 Bartlett’s Ransley Majestic Style, masculine head with excellent eyes, expression and ears, muscular yet elegant neck, front & rear correctly angulated and balanced, nice body lines, pasterns needs to be a bit softer, moves well just a bit loose in front.

PGD (2): 1 Holder & Howe’s Montepulciano di Mascotts, a kind of Greyhound very close to my interpretation of the standard, excellent head, lovely neck, correct body length without exaggeration, well balanced angles, a bit too straight in pasterns, perhaps because he is a bit nervous today, but moves very well.
2 Boggia’s Boughton Baggio, has a beautiful head, elegant yet muscular neck, like his body length, standing sometimes he “seats” on his rear, but overall picture improves when he moves.

LD (5): 1 Robertson & McKnight’s Azrams Secret Mission (ai), lovely dog, very sound, beautiful head and expression, strong yet elegant neck, the best of forechest, built on beautiful long body lines without exaggeration, his curvy topline flows smoothly into a long, wide and muscular croup, correctly angulated both ends, all that resulting in a great movement, CC & Res. BIS.
2 Newsham’s Windspiel Northern Showman, shorter in body than 1, beautiful masculine yet elegant head, excellent expression, nice neck, could have some more fore-chest, front and rear well balanced, moves very well.
3 Boggia’s Mistweave My Brave Wallace, lovely head and expression, excellent neck, medium angulated in front, nice length of body, excellent lines, I would prefer more drive behind moving.

OD (8): lovely class, in some of them I would have preferred more arch over the loin in action.
1 Allen’s Ch Mistweave Mr Maghoo, excellent head with lovely expression, elegant yet muscular neck, front & rear very well angulated and balanced, nice body proportions, like a lot his powerful yet elegant action, uses his legs beautifully, his topline could be a bit more arched over the loin moving, Res. CC.
2 Mackenzie’s Macs Massimo Da Mascotts, like him a lot for his beautiful lines that he keeps when moving, lovely head & expression, elegant neck, front & rear well balanced, moves well even if in the last challenge he could have covered some more ground.
3 Renard & Daenen’s Multi Ch. D’ulysse Des Saintes Croisades, beautiful head & expression, long elegant yet muscular neck, front & rear well angulated & balanced, correct length of body, should have better topline moving, moves well.

SR/CD (2): 1 Barber’s Bua Montague Of Barley, excellent dog, lovely head with dark eye in a blue, ears could be smaller, muscular yet elegant neck, correct front angles, excellent top and underline, medium angulated behind, moves well with enough drive RES.BEST R/C.
2 Scoles’ Jiggery Pokery NAF TAF, smaller than 1, typical head with beautiful expression, muscular yet elegant neck, front & rear medium angulated, nice body proportions and lines, moves well but not like 1.

PB (2): 1 Rogers & Rogers’ Gothika Des Dames Du Lac Avec Eldesi (Imp), excellent feminine head with beautiful expression, lovely chiselling, long elegant neck, front very well angulated, excellent body lines and length, croup long and wide but should be less steep, must settle down in movement.
2 Rhodes’ Jaystown Angel of the Snow, beautiful head & expression, could have a longer body, hard to see her movement, as she must be trained.

JB (1): 1 Isaac’s Jet’s Take A Bow With Blakeskerra (Imp), beautiful head very well chiselled and beautiful expression, elegant neck of the right length, front & rear very well angulated and balanced, nice body length and lines that she keeps also while moving, one of the best mover of the day.

YB (1): 1 Louro’s Ransley Simpley Magic, feminine head with beautiful eye, elegant neck, should have more angles in front and more forechest, nice top & underline, difficult to asses her movement.

NB (2): 1 Sadler’s Undercover Lucy, feminine head with beautiful expression, neck of the right length, really well angulated in front, her top & underline can be taken as an example, a bit more angles behind would improve her action, rather closed behind up & down.
2 Thompson’s Hollywell Pinkey at Muicks, very well chiselled head, but muzzle is a bit too pointed, excellent eye and expression, neck of the right length, well angulated in front, excellent body length, correct in rear, should have more topline both standing and moving.

PGB (6): 1 Boggia’s Boughton Bellina, bitch of excellent quality, beautiful feminine head and expression, elegant yet muscular neck, front & rear well angulated and balanced, very slightly toeing inn, nice body lines kept also when moving, excellent mover, Res. CC.
2 Pateman’s Mascotts Fairlady, excellent head with lovely eye & expression, elegant yet muscular neck of the right length, front & rear well balanced, nice length of body, croup a bit too rounded, moving she plays a lot, so it is not easy to asses movement.
3 Ridley & Magenis’ Rainsley Simply A Delight, excellent head, beautiful expression, elegant neck, well angulated in front, beautiful top & underline, she is not in condition, being too fat and out of coat, should have more drive behind.

LB (3): 1 Rabey-Wilkinson’s Mistweave Midnight Oil At Greatplains, very nice head and expression, lovely elegant neck, very sound front, excellent body lines, correctly angulated rear, moves well.
2 Spurr’s Boughton Bellavista At Suttonelms, another excellent bitch with lovely head and beautiful expression, elegant yet muscular neck, front & rear well balanced, nice body lines & length, would prefer croup just a bit less steep, moves well.
3 Holder & Howe’s Maria Lucia Di Mascotts, excellent head with lovely eyes & expression, elegant neck, correctly angulated front, nice body lines, here also I would prefer a slightly less steep croup, excellent rear, moves well, a more lively tail would improve her overall picture.

OB (5): 1 Blutecher’s MultiCh Showline Sporting Step, beautiful feminine head and expression, elegant yet muscular neck, very well angulated front, well balanced with rear, ideal body length and lines, moves very well keeping her topline, she epitomise type, quality and femininity, a natural showgirl, CC and BOB.
2 Boggia’s N & S Ch Jets A Walk On The Wild Side Of Boughton, lovely head and expression, elegant neck, front & rear correctly angulated and balanced, excellent body lines and length, moves extremely well.
3 Isaac’s Mistweave Made With Love, bitch of substance but still elegant, beautiful head, eye & expression, elegant yet muscular neck, front and rear correctly angulated, nice curvy body lines, moves well even if not covering as much ground as the first two.

SR/CB (5): 1 Rogers & Rogers’ Adelaide Yasmine, really excellent head, lovely eyes & expression, muscular neck of the right length, front & rear medium angulated and well balanced, excellent body length and lines, moves very well BEST R/C.
2 Sadler’s Undercover Lucy, see Novice Class.
3 Battley’s Sparkling Sapphire Skye, well balanced bitch, very nice head with beautiful eye & expression, correctly angulated both end, excellent body length but not the outline of the first two, moves well.

VB (3): 1 Holder & Howe’s Ch Joie De Mascotts Sh.CM, a great favourite of mine, I already gave her a CC & BOB and, at ten years of age, I can still see why, beautiful head & expression, long neck, perfect body proportions & lines, she shows her age, but still has a beautiful movement and covers the ground with an easy and powerful action, BEST VETERAN.
2 Boggia’s Ch Am Ch Hyperion Summer In Paris With Mistweave Sh.CM, lovely bitch, still looking quite young, nice powerful yet feminine head, excellent neck, great front assembly, lovely top & underline, correctly angulated rear, moves well.
3 Bouch’s Ch Mistweave Maisie May Sh.CM, another excellent one, with beautiful head & expression, elegant neck, very well angulated in front, lovely body lines and length, could have more drive behind.

SD (1): 1 Bartlett’s Multi Ch Jet’s It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night With Ransley (Imp), excellent progeny group, they have nice balance elegance/strength and nice curvy lines, move well.

BB (2): Two beautiful progeny groups, both are built on nice lines and moved well. A credit to the broods, their children are of their own quality or better.
1 Boggia’s Ch Am Ch Hyperion Summer In Paris With Mistweave Sh.CM, thought they moved slightly better.
2 Primavera & Ahrens & Boggia & Holders’ Sobers Hannah.

Gilberto Grandi, Italy

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